"My disability doesn’t define me!"

Story collector: Lori Arthurs

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Dion is a young man with a learning disability. One thing he is passionate about is taking part in the Special Olympics West Midlands Ski Group which he has been part of for a number of years now. He trains hard every week in Birmingham in preparation for the Special Olympics. During his time with the group Dion through his training programme has been able to travel to some amazing places across the world such as Italy and France. Dion’s favourite place to train is Italy because he enjoys the food there! So far this year Dion has been able to enjoy a skiing holiday with his friends at the Group. Dion Enjoys been part of the Special Olympics West Midlands Ski Group as he has lot of friends there and it’s a sport he enjoys being a part of. Dion also in his spare time likes to go running with his friends.

When he is not skiing, Dion spends his time with Lunch on the Run, a social enterprise that supports people with learning disabilities, where he trains two days a week. He really enjoys being part of the team and has made some really good friends there. Dion’s favourite part of the day is when he is able to go out on deliveries with staff. One of his favourite places to visit is the nursery where he drops food to. Dion has gained great cooking skills from his time spent with Lunch On The Run that have helped him at his work place and at home. When asking Dion if there is anything at lunch on the run he doesn’t like, he has said “I don’t like going home at the end of the day because I like Lunch on the Run, apart from working on the till.”

Dion story is here to show people that just because you have a disability it shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals, and people shouldn’t stop you from trying to achieve those goals. Dion has proven this through the amazing things he has learned and achieved both through being part of the Special Olympics West Midlands Ski Group where he has won medals, and his work with Lunch on the Run. Dion is able to travel independently from his supported housing after being travel trained. He is also able to work in a busy kitchen alongside the staff at Lunch on the Run.  Dion achieves great things every day, because he doesn’t let his Disability define him!