Meet some of our photographers.

All of our very talented photographers give their passion, time and skills for free as volunteers on this project. 


"I've had a camera constantly in my hand since I was 16, I'm now 23, so that's a lot of photos! Initially I was solely interested in nature, but that changed in 2012 when I visited The Gambia with Edgecliff Sixth Form (and my camera). The people I met and the stories I heard had such a profound effect on me and that was when I discovered the power of photography as a tool to communicate stories to people. I channelled this passion into university, studying Marine & Natural History Photography.


If you want to know what any photographer fears losing just look at what they photograph. I'm driven by both my love of nature and a love for people. Beautifully Human has enabled me to connect back with people, to listen to them and to collect a snippet of their beautiful lives. My next challenge is a new job with WWF, it's an exciting opportunity to be apart of a team that inspires the world with conservation stories. With the goal to secure a future in which both nature and humanity can thrive together."




I’m Sophie,

I have loved photography for some time, it has been a hobby of mine for many years however I am now pursuing this into a career.


I photograph everything from New-borns to weddings and everything in between, I love being able to capture moments that they will treasure forever.


From starting up my own business I have met so many people along the way, which many are now my friends. I am hoping very soon I will be able to pursue my passion for photography and become a full time photographer for now I am taking every opportunity that comes my way.

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